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Can you hard-quote a project?

Maybe. A project is a good fit for a hard quote if the work is defined, there are no unknowns, and requirements are static. For all other projects, we’re happy to provide a good-faith estimate.

I already have internal engineering resources - how can a company like SGW Designworks help me?

Over half of our clients have internal engineering teams. These businesses hire us for a few different reasons:

  1. Their internal teams are already too busy to take on additional engineering proejcts.
  2. They are lacking the specific skills and experts required to complete a specific automation project.
  3. Projects are behind schedule, and a fresh approach or perspective is needed to get things moving again.
Can SGW Designworks produce design packages in line with our corporate standards?

Absolutely. Most of the businesses we work with have requirements about drawing format, dimensions, design review processes, and more. We are accustomed to tweaking our processes and outputs to meet the needs of our client companies.

Is SGW Designworks able to get into long-term business relationships with client companies?

Yes. Most companies that choose us as their product development team stick with us for a long time. We commonly run multiple projects in parallel for client companies, and engage with businesses for long periods of time. In these long term relationships, we are able to develop a deep understanding of the client business, and their challenges. This allows us to not only work on development projects, but also to help senior leaders to prioritize their development pipeline and develop long term development plans.