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We help integrators sell and deliver more projects by providing reliable, flexible automation engineering capacity. 

Engineering Capabilities


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100% Domestic Engineering & Machine Design Team. Give Us A Call.

Add Engineering Capacity, Not Overhead

SGW Designworks has been providing automation engineering and machine design services since 2008. Companies come to us when they need to level-up their capabilities and add capacity. Our engagemenet models provide a low-risk, cost effective way to add engineering depth, without adding internal personnel. 

Complete Cell Design

Integrators hire us to take on complete cell design. Our team works closely with our clients to make sure our CAD outputs meet their standards, and that design approaches work for the end customer.

End of Arm Tools

Our team can identify, specify, and source the right end of arm tool for the job. Or we can design and build custom EOAT’s specific for your application.


We can do more than just engineer production cells. We can develop and prove new IP for you that speeds up production, reduces manufacturing costs, reduces variability, and more.

Team Members


Recent Projects

Helping Integrators Sell More

Helping Integrators Sell More

A mid-sized integrator in the Southeastern US started getting more RFQ’s than usual. As a worldwide pandemic took hold…

Adding Capacity, Not Overhead

Adding Capacity, Not Overhead

The client company approached SGW Designworks with a problem. They had successfully sold a medium-sized automation…

Our engineering team is ready to help.

The engineering team at SGW Designworks brings broad expertese to your projects. Machine design, mechanical engineering, and mechatronics development are at our core. But we also have world-class capabilitites in embedded systems engineering, prototype builds, sourcing, and project management. This means that we can be a great choice for projects that are just outside of your own team’s comfort zone. 


We recognize that different businesses need different things. We also know that trust is earned. By offering multiple engagement models we are able to find a structure that works for our clients. We earn your trust by understanding your business,  bringing a positive outlook to the proejct, applying insight, collaborating efficiently with your team, and following through. 

Let’s Build Something Together

Whether you need us to take on full cell design, or you just need help with a subsystem, it all begins with a conversation.

Can you hard-quote a project?

Someitmes, but not usually. A project is a good fit for a hard quote if the work is defined, there are no unknowns, and requirements are static. For most projects we use other engagement models, and are happy to provide a good-faith estimate.

I already have internal engineering resources - how can a company like SGW Designworks help me?

Over half of our clients have internal engineering teams. These businesses hire us for a few different reasons:

  1. Their internal teams are already too busy to take on additional engineering proejcts.
  2. They are lacking the specific skills and experts required to complete a specific automation project.
  3. Projects are behind schedule, and a fresh approach or perspective is needed to get things moving again.
Can SGW Designworks produce design packages in line with our corporate standards?

Absolutely. Most of the businesses we work with have requirements about drawing format, dimensions, design review processes, and more. We are accustomed to tweaking our processes and outputs to meet the needs of our client companies.

Is SGW Designworks able to get into long-term business relationships with client companies?

Yes. Most companies that choose us stick with us for a long time. We commonly run multiple projects in parallel for client companies, and engage with businesses for long periods of time. In these long term relationships, we are able to develop a deep understanding of the client’s business, and their challenges. 

Client Testimonials

“SGW Designworks has proven themselves as a capable vendor. From front-end design to manufacturing automation, I have full confidence in their ability to take on a project and deliver results autonomously.”

Calvin Allan

Sr. Program Manager, US Medical Device Co (confidential)

“Working with SGW has been a pleasure. We think this because they truly have a passion for what they do and that is clearly visible in their work. We look forward to working with SGW as a team member in the future.”

John Meyer

President, Correct Cut

“Even though SGW Designworks is in Boise and the project was in Baltimore, I selected SGW because these guys are good and they know the molded foam process, the foundry process, instrumentation, and design of experiments. They are a really talented & creative group of engineers”

Barry Ramsay

VP Operations, Lifoam Industries

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